Buc-ee's will soon open their first stores outside of Texas.

easttexasmatters.com reports that Daytona Beach, Florida will get their first Buc-ee's in 2018 with a 50,000 square foot store with 120 gas pumps.

If you're gonna build outside of Texas, might as well go big.

Fort Myers, Florida will follow as will Baldwin County, Alabama.

For us Texans, Buc-ee's is a staple during a Texas vacation. It'll be nice to get a taste of home when we travel outside of the state.

Buc-ee’s General Counsel Jeff Nadalo said, “We’re taking our love of Buc-ee’s on the road, sharing the best convenience store experience with America and spreading Buc-ee’s passion for excellence into Florida and Alabama. As we expand, we remain committed to bringing our customers clean restrooms, a wide variety of merchandise, and great customer service, as we’ve been doing since 1982.”

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