Buc-ee's is the king of pit stops in Texas. Buc-ee's is also becoming the king of pit stops across America. Buc-ee's is not shying away from aggressive expansion with stores in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia and other non-Texas states either open now or opening soon. Buc-ee's is no stranger to the Midwest with a store in Springfield, Missouri that opened in December of 2023. Buc-ee's is planning another Midwest location to open soon close to Patrick Mahomes' stomping grounds.

Taste of Texas in the Midwest

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, and three time Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes is not shy of his roots in Whitehouse. During his days playing for the Wildcats, he enjoyed a few burgers from Whataburger. That love of Whataburger continued during his time at Texas Tech. When he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick couldn't enjoy his favorite burger and ketchup anymore. So he joined an ownership group that brought Whataburger to the Kansas City area.

However, Patrick won't have anything to do with this other Texas icon coming to town in the next couple of years, Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's has announced plans to build a store in Kansas City, Kansas, about 30 minutes from GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. The store is expected to be built next to Kansas Speedway (mysanantonio.com).

Google Maps
Google Maps

To be honest, it doesn't get more Texas than this; NASCAR and Buc-ee's in a single area.

Too Early to Tell

Plans for this new Buc-ee's are in the very early stages right now. Of course, it's impossible to know a timetable for opening at this point. Right now, there are a total of 48 Buc-ee's stores in seven states with 37 of those locations in Texas. With this new store in the works in Kansas, Buc-ee's is continuing its path to becoming the most loved pit stop in the country.

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