If you ever search for certain items on resell sites like eBay, you may notice that sometimes those prices seem unusually high. That's because someone has bought that item, and in an attempt to make some money, will mark the price up to two, three or even four times what the actual price is. Some people see this and think that the item isn't available anymore at retail and will purchase it at the overly marked up price so they can look like someone who didn't miss out on owning the item. It's a scummy deal for sure.

Things People Scalp

I have never bought from a scalper. Mainly because I know what they're selling will be available to me, and you, at a proper retailer. When Sony's PlayStation 5 released in 2020, they were hard to find because of the worldwide chip shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Scalpers were selling the console for as much as $1,500 so they could make a profit. Sadly, people were buying it, which only encourages the behavior.

There have been popular shoes, popular hand bags, even Whataburger's limited time spicy ketchup made an appearance on eBay because it became popular and people didn't want to miss out on it. Don't fall victim to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and overpay for an item. You will find it in a proper retail space once the initial popularity slows down.

Buc-ee's New Tumbler

Recently, Buc-ee's released a new tumbler that a lot of people were going nuts over. The tumbler is from Yukon Outfitters, comes in a gold leopard print and sells for $24.99. These tumblers were quickly snatched off of Buc-ee's shelves leaving many empty handed who were looking for one.

@lauraminniemorin I got it guys #buceestumbler #yukon #outfitters #leopardprint #tumbler #bucees ♬ Magical Fantasy - Dmitriy Sevostyanov

Scalpers noticed this and were selling the tumbler on resell sites like eBay for, at one time, four times the price.

That's When Buc-ee's Fans Stepped Up

Buc-ee's fans noticed this and began a campaign that quickly thwarted the scalper's plan. As restocks came into the numerous Buc-ee's locations, fans would post it on social media. Those that were looking for the tumbler could then pick it up at the retail price of $24.99 instead of $100 or more that scalpers were selling it at.

Because of this campaign, scalpers have now had to drop their prices because they can't sell the stock they have. A quick search on eBay shows listings that are still marked up, but instead of the three or four times the price, they are marked up at double the price or a little less.

Buc-ee's Tumbler Being Scalped - eBay
Buc-ee's Tumbler Being Scalped - eBay

Still, even at the drop in price, do not buy from these scalpers, head to your nearest Buc-ee's and find one there for the retail price of $24.99 or wait for the very regular restock of the tumblers.

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