When you’re craving a specific food, sometimes you just have to get it. And recently on a social media page dedicated to Tyler, Texas there was a group of locals who were discussing where to go for the best Chinese Food in the area. My favorite part of the discussion was the number of restaurants that were suggested, once again proving that we have so much delicious food here in East Texas. Which is why I wanted to write about where you can get the best Chinese food around Tyler. 

There were some restaurants that were mentioned that are just outside of the Tyler, TX area and I wanted to include those as well, because if a restaurant is serving delicious food they should always be mentioned.  

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What Made These Restaurants Make the List of the Best Chinese Food in Tyler? 

These suggestions were only made online, there was no official scoring sheet for each restaurant. Although when an East Texas says a restaurant is serving great food, you can trust that recommendation. There were some comments made from the list online that did reference some of these restaurants serving generous portions for a low cost, which is always good. 

Visit All of the Chinese Food Restaurants 

These restaurants and staff members are working hard to put out great food for you, which is why they have made this list. Remember to support these businesses and be kind to the employees that are working to serve you. Now let’s find out where you can get the best Chinese food in the Tyler, TX area. 

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