Looking for an awe inspiring music experience? The Cinema in Concert is coming to Caldwell auditorium in Tyler, Texas. This show will be a perfect activity for you, your friends, and the whole family. 

Love hearing the epic music of your favorite block buster film? Want to hear that soundtrack live? This is the event for you.

The Cinema in Concert show will be an experience in movie magic. This orchestra will be playing the scores of some of your favorite movies. Which ones? Well, only the best.

The sounds of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Miserables, and so many more surprises are coming at you right here in the East Texas area.

This concert is being presented by RPH Live Productions. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra lead by, conductor Mariusz Smolij, will be masterfully playing these classic soundtracks. This will surely be a concert that will bring goose bumps to everyone's arms.

Plus, this is a fundraising event for our local schools. How so?

RPH Live Productions will be donating a percentage of the ticket sales to the Tyler ISD Visual and Preforming Arts Department. This is in an effort to continue music and arts education for our Tyler students. Want to do your part, too?

You can make a personal donation, as well. When you purchase your tickets, you can click the donation tab and give back to your East Texas school.

The Caldwell auditorium in Tyler, Texas will be hosting this family friendly and exciting event on Sunday, September 22nd. Starting at 3:00 p.m., this event can be something everyone can fit into their schedule.

For ticket information click right here.

Cinema in Concert

Don't miss this great and unforgettable sound experience. Head right down the road to Caldwell to take part in this unique concert.

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