In Abilene, TX there is a college that goes by the name of Cisco, with "small class size, academic classes, career programs, flexible scheduling and tuition that you can afford, Cisco is the smart choice." It's also where we find ourselves for RANCH DAY!

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So back in April, Cisco College hosted their annual Ranch Day, and it looks like a helluva lot of fun... and helluva lot of danger too.

I can't find much on the traditions of Ranch Day, but it looks like it's time honored, and did I mention dangerous?


There's a video going around now of one student wrestling a bull. This clip begins with the bull charging out of its chute with a young man attached at the neck, we're talking steel trap chokehold.

That's where it looks like the bull believes it's best chance at shaking the dude is to faceplant, doesn't work. Remarkably the guy doesn't let up, he's like an alligator.

That's when we find out the spectators are standing way too close, ol' boy gets knocked down. And the first guy flips the bull on top of the bystander.


Then the video inexplicably comes to an end. For all we know this man and beast are still going at it. Or everyone got trampled, we don't know. Check it out below:

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