Anyone who has actually bought a lottery ticket in the state of Texas had dreamed about winning the big jackpot. Being able to call loved ones and telling them the stress of bills is gone, and having the ability to quit your job because money would no longer be an issue. What an amazing feeling that must be, but before you can do any of those things you need to get the winning ticket. But let’s just say you actually get the winning ticket for a win with the Texas Lottery how do you go about claiming the money and what other rules are there when redeeming your ticket? Let’s look at how to claim a winning lottery ticket in Texas. 

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I’m not sure if lottery jackpots have been growing lately or we are just hearing more about the big money jackpots being available, but it’s important to know what to do if your numbers are called and you have a winning ticket. Claiming your winnings will be different just depending on how much money you win. But fingers crossed you win the big one! 

Don’t Make Foolish Mistakes 

You hear all the time about lottery winners who make dumb mistakes with their money, or they surround themselves with the wrong people and withing months the money is gone. Make sure if you do win lots of money to surround yourself with smart people who can help make your money grow. 

What Other Lottery Jackpot Things You Should Know in Texas 

Let’s look at a few other things you should know in case you score a big lottery win in the state of Texas. 

How to Claim a Lottery Jackpot in Texas

Here are things you need to remember when you win a lottery jackpot in Texas

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Biggest Unclaimed Winning Lottery Tickets in Texas

Here is a look at winning lottery tickets in the state of Texas that were never claimed by their owner to get the money.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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