As I was scrolling on social media recently, I saw a video from Southwest Airlines regarding a passenger who was on her bachelorette party trip to Austin, Texas but it was more amazing than she could have ever expected. What I love about this video is the kindness shown toward this soon-to-be bride by the flight attendant who made this magical moment happen and by all the other passengers on the flight. 

As the video begins the flight attendant lets everyone on the flight know about the bride to be and her trip, even calling her a princess.  

Texas Bachelorette Special Flight

Women Passengers on the Flight Got to Work 

The flight attendant then asked for every woman on the flight who is married or has been married to work on something special. She then handed out napkins to each of the ladies who then wrote a message on the napkin, either some encouraging words or a piece of advice to help her in marriage. WOW, what a wonderful thing to do for someone else. 

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The Bachelorette Then Became Royalty 

The bachelorette was then given a crown made of snacks (peanuts I think) and a Sashe made of graham cracker treats. It’s fun to see how happy these things made the whole wedding party. The video then showed dozens of napkins with so many fantastic messages and well wishes. This is one trip that these ladies will never forget. Now make sure you watch the video so you can see everything including how wonderful this flight crew is working at Southwest Airlines.  

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