Like many of you this New Year weekend, you probably sat down and binged season three of Cobra Kai on Netflix. Just like seasons one and two, I loved every minute of it. It's an easy watch with ten episodes, each clocking in between thirty to forty minutes. Here are my thoughts on the new season with LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET.

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Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3 were a big part of my growing up. I loved the story, I loved the lessons that Mr. Miyagi passed down to Daniel, I loved the movies. While I love Daniel's story in the movies, I'm loving that Cobra Kai has concentrated on Johnny and his story. I love that we are seeing the story of sensei Kreese. I love Cobra Kai and if anyone says it's not good, well, you just don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

The continued conflict of Johnny helping his students but trying to reconnect with his son, Robbie, continues into season three. It doesn't help matters that Robbie was the one that put Johnny's best student, Miguel, in the hospital. Johnny is trying to mend the fence and you really feel for him as he tries his hardest to do so.

Season three did a great job tying up some loose ends from The Karate Kid 1 and 2. We see Daniel traveling to Japan to help save his dealership. During that trip, he is drawn back to Okinawa, specifically Mr. Miyagi's home, Tomi Village. Here he runs into his former love interest, Kumiko. The Karate Kid 2 is my favorite of the trilogy so this was a great moment for me. When Kumiko reads that last letter from Mr. Miyagi, I had serious tears in my eyes.

Kumiko also reunites Daniel with an old foe, Chozen. It was an awkward meeting at first but we see Chozen has realized the wrong he did. With that growth, Chozen is able to teach Daniel a final lesson from Mr. Miyagi, which Daniel will need later. The two episodes in Okinawa with Daniel reconnecting with Kumiko and he and Chozen forgiving each other was perfect.

Elizabeth Shue does return as Ali. She gets to reconnect with Johnny and their love is almost rekindled. We get to see them enjoy a night at Golf and Stuff, just like in The Karate Kid, and we get a great throwback to Encino Oaks Country Club with Johnny, Ali and Daniel all together to reminisce. It was great closure for Johnny and Ali and just great to see those three characters together again.

Finally, Sensei Kreese. It was great to go back and see his story. From his time as a young man being the underdog to his time in Vietnam. His path was not easy and we learn how he turned into the uncompromising leader he is, as sinister as it may be. We hate Sensei Kreese but, at the same time, we love Sensei Kreese. And his phone call to close out season three, we all know that's Terry Silver.

Season four of Cobra Kai is going to be pretty epic.

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