The days of building a crazy track around your bedroom to race your Hot Wheels can finally come true. There just won't be any loop de loops. You can drive some the best exotic sports cars or muscle cars in the world at three Texas tracks this year.

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The company is called Xtreme Xperience and they bring some of the world's best exotic race cars and muscle cars to tracks all around the country for you learn to drive then take them around a real race track. Cars like a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or even a Dodge Hellcat. It's the perfect high speed dream for any skill level.

They will teach you how to properly drive your car for maximum speed and fun. Then you gear up, get behind the wheel and take it around a track with an expert guide next to you.

You will have three chances to try it out in Texas this year. First will be in Houston October 30 and 31 at Motorsports Ranch Houston. Next will be November 6 through 8 at Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth. Finally, December 4 through 6 at Driveway Austin in Austin.

Packages start at $199 but can go as high as $349 depending on which car you want to drive. There are even packages to drive more than one of the cars. You'll get three laps with your drive.

This could be a bucket list moment for someone in your life. Get all the details and book your appointment at You can also check out their Youtube channel for a sneak peek at the experience.

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