Texas is filled with rich history, good and bad. Regardless, we should acknowledge our past even as we move forward.

That is exactly what is happening in Sugar Land, according to KHOU news. Nearly 100 unmarked graves were found in April 2018 as construction workers broke ground on a new building for Fort Bend ISD. The remains are believed to belong to African-American prison inmates from more than a century earlier.

In July, a judge granted permission to proceed with the construction while archaeologists continue to carefully exhume the remains.

“My understanding is that this was the largest previously undiscovered gravesite in the state,” said Kim Icenhower, of the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation, as reported by KHOU.

Local historian Reginal Moore told KHOU that he believes graves exists on thousands of acres in the area, and he wants a central graveyard to honor them.

“I just want to be a spokesperson for them and get them some recognition,” Moore said.

KHOU also reports that artifacts were found at the site.

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