Halloween is all about having fun dressing up and getting in the spirit. For years I never put much effort into dressing up but as I got a little older (and with the help of my wife) I started dressing up more, and it made Halloween so much more fun. It's all about how much effort you want to put in. You can keep it simple or go all out, it really is a lot of fun if you put in just a little effort. It was amazing to see how many tremendous costumes were on display across East Texas this past weekend for Halloween.

With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year there were lots of events going on all weekend long. Obviously, trick-or-treating was going on Sunday, but there were a ton of other events and trunk-or-treat events all across East Texas. In fact, I went to Lindale for a little party and saw that in Lindale there were hundreds and hundreds of kids in costume at a big event downtown. It was so awesome to see the community come together to have some fun.

It Wasn't Just the Kids Dressed Up This Year

I thought it was great to see so many adults having fun with Halloween this year. As you will see in the photos below there were lots of adults that were excited to put on the costume or face paint to celebrate.

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After You Look at the Photos...

Once you look at the amazing Halloween photos below remember that today is the day after Halloween which means candy is marked down at most stores. Decorations and costumes for next year are at a discount too. I'm just trying to help.

Okay, let's look at all the great costumes:

Amazing Pictures from Halloween 2021

Here are photos of so many tremendous costumes worn in 2021 across East Texas.

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