Sunday was a big game for the Dallas Cowboys. They had the prime time slot as the host of their division rival Philadelphia Eagles who were leading the NFC East and had the number seed in the entire National Football Conference. The Cowboys are undefeated at home this season and scoring points pretty much at will over the last several games. The defense has been getting turnover after turnover or just stopping opposing offenses in their tracks. This really looks like a Super Bowl caliber team. So much so that fans have to fight each other to celebrate this great run so far.

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What is going on with football fans lately?

We're seeing it every week during NFL games now, fans going after fans in the stands. We're seeing it on the field, too, with players going after players before, during and after games. Even players going after the referees like we saw with Patrick Mahomes being restrained by teammates during his Chief's loss to the Bills on Sunday. The fights are getting out of hand and it doesn't seem like anything can be done about it other than to stop serving alcohol or constantly patrolling the stands. This fight didn't take place at AT&T Stadium but at Texas Live! which is the entertainment district between the stadium and Globe Life Field, home of the Texas Rangers.

What caused this fight?

Who knows. This wasn't between and angry Eagles fan and an overly rambunctious Cowboys fan, this was between two female Cowboys fans. Maybe something was said about the other's mother or one of the "ladies" insulted the other's man. No matter, there were some haymakers thrown and even a cheap shot kick to the face. The whole time, two security guards are just standing there watching the whole thing play out and not even attempting to break it up. One did appear to get on their radio and possibly call for backup or maybe the police to handle the situation.

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Who knows what started this but the Cowboys had a great game beating the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Cowboys fans should have been excited and extremely happy, not angry and wanting to throw hands. Do better Cowboys fans, do better.

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