The 'Rocky' film franchise is one that has lived on for decades, beginning with the Academy Award Winning 'Rocky,' in 1976 and continuing with 2015's 'Creed.'

'Creed' continues Rocky's story as now Apollo Creed's son, Adonis, enters the ring with Rocky as his trainer and mentor.

Almost 40 years ago, the story began in Philadelphia with boxer Rocky Balboa down on his lucky. He's making ends meet, but dreams of becoming a big time professional boxer. He gets a rare chance to fight the heavy-weight champ, Apollo Creed.

The fight is expected to be landslide victory for Apollo, but after fifteen rounds the match ends with a split decision.

In Rocky II, Apollo wants a rematch. After much goading Rocky agrees and they get into another slug match and though they are both down at the end, Rocky manages to get up and become the new heavy-weight champion.

In the third Rocky film, the new champ wants to retire, but is goaded by a brutal new comer, Clubber Lang. Rocky wants to fight him, but Micky says he won't train him. Rocky finds a new trainer and unlikely ally in his former nemesis, Apollo Creed.

Tragedy strikes in the fourth film when Apollo wants to get back in the ring to represent the USA  in an exhibition fight against a fierce Russian opponent. The flashy entrance with James Brown precedes the unlikely conclusion of the match.

After Apollo's death, Rocky wants revenge and decides to travel to Russia to fight Ivan Drago. This film in the franchise is the one I've seen more than any other, because I love the training scene in Russia.

The fifth film in the franchise shows Rocky down on his luck again. After learning that his accountant has squandered his fortune, he files bankruptcy. Rocky and his family return to their roots in Philly and he takes a young boxer under his wing at his old gym. This film was a planned end to the franchise incorporating Stallone's son Sage into the film.

Then in 2006 Stallone decided to write and direct 'Rocky Balboa.' Adrian has passed away and their son is grown. Rocky is running an Italian restaurant when he sees an ESPN simulated fight of new champ Mason 'The Line ' Dixon and himself. The commentators take Rocky 2-3 as the victor and the simulations shows him winning in a knock out.

They end up in an exhibition fight, where they both punish each other for a few rounds and the match ends like the first film in a split decision with the victory to the champ.

'Creed' is the seventh film in the franchise and is slated to open in theaters Nov. 25.

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