It's always terrible to hear about people in our East Texas communities becoming a victim of a crime. This one is extra irritating as a woman in a social media group for Longview, Texas posted about her vehicle being broken into after going to a local gym to get some exercise.

Most of us know that getting the motivation to go to the gym is difficult already but after one Longview woman walked through the door, it took criminals only minutes to make her a victim of a crime. The woman took to social media to describe what happened after she entered the doors to Gym University located at 4300 US Hwy 259 N in Longview, TX.

She Had Eyes On Her In the Parking Lot

After being in the gym for only about 5 minutes the female victim received an alert on her phone that a purchase had been made from her debit card that she had left in her vehicle when entering the gym. After posting these details online the victim got many comments about not leaving valuables in her vehicle, which obviously she learned that lesson now. But she commented that she is certain the suspects in this case saw her exit her vehicle without her purse and that's what made her a victim.

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When Did This Crime Take Place

This happened a little before 7:00 pm on Saturday night, but obviously this type of crime could take place any time of day. Unfortunately, this is a good reminder for all of us to not leave any sort of valuables in our vehicle. It's horrible that people are waiting to take advantage of situations like this, but it happens, so do everything possible so you don't become the next victim.

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