Typically, I don’t like to call people an idiot, I know that I make mistakes every day, I just try to learn from them, so I don’t repeat my mistakes. But just a few days ago there was a criminal caught on camera in Longview, Texas and to be honest he was acting like an idiot. 

According to the homeowner, her son was riding his bike this past weekend and at the end of the night he took his bike and parked it on the side of their home. The next morning before 8:30 a.m. their home surveillance cameras caught the thief approaching the bicycle, grabbing it quickly, and getting out of the area as quick as possible. While this criminal was thinking he was going to get away with the bike theft, he didn’t realize there were cameras that caught his every move. 

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Where in Longview, Texas Did This Bike Theft Take Place? 

The homeowner posted on social media that her family lives in the Spring Hill area of Longview. More specifically this was near Gilmer Road and the Spring Hill bank. As of now, law enforcement is asking for help to identify the suspect in the video which you can see below. The Longview Police Department phone number is 903-295-8634.  

There Is No Excuse for Stealing a Kids Bike in Longview, Texas 

It’s crazy to me that someone would steal a bicycle, you should never take something that doesn’t belong to you. And the fact that a kid now doesn’t have a bike to ride is ridiculous. Hopefully someone can identify this suspect and the kid in Longview gets his bike back.  

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