East Texas got hammered late Friday night with thunderstorms that included heavy rain & high winds.  Some areas were even under a tornado watch for a while, but when dawn came Saturday, overall property damage around here was minimal.  However, just 100 miles away, all of that same bad weather activity was also happening, but with one very significant additional element:  hail!

My daughter's family lives in the north Dallas suburb of Plano & as the picture above illustrates, the storms that hit her neighborhood contained hail that was at least "golf ball-sized", if not closer to "baseball-sized"!

It's one thing to have cars parked on the street suffer dents from the hail's impact - that's problematic enough.  In this particular case, the hail storm pelted down with enough force that windshields & other vehicle windows were totally shattered.  Many homes & apartments also got hit by hail that was big & powerful enough to actually break through windows completely, not just crack them!

I mean, listen to the hail from inside this Dallas home!


To make matters worse, since the rain was pouring down at the same time the hail was doing its damage, both car interiors & the insides of homes were being drenched once the glass no longer provided protection.  Talk about a mess to clean up!  Clearly we escaped relatively unscathed this time- not the case just a couple hours drive northwest.


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