Didn’t get the invite to Danny Gokey‘s wedding? We didn’t either, but never fear. The singer and his new wife Leyicet Peralta welcome fans into their wedding with a new video, posted to Twitter by Gokey himself, which captures several significant moments from their big day. Danny and his bride swapped vows on Jan. 29 and now, they’re giving us a window into their big day.

Before the ceremony, Gokey addresses the camera directly, speaking to his wife-to-be about sharing their lives together. He’s dressed in his wedding day best and admits, “I hope throughout our marriage, not only through words but through actions, I can express how much you mean to me … Since you’ve been in my life, I’ve changed for the better.” Break out the tissues. How romantic, right? We almost feel like we’re spying on something a little too personal, but it’s so sweet nonetheless, and fans should be honored that Danny and his wife offered such an intimate look.

Gokey also admits in the video that sometimes he has trouble expressing himself, but that he hopes to get better at it. The camera pans to the couple’s rings, follows Gokey walking down the aisle and captures many shots of Leyicet in her gorgeous gown. They stand at the altar together and then cut the cake at the reception. The bouquet toss and garter removal are also shown.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your special day with us, Gokeys!

Watch Danny Gokey's Wedding Video

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