If you've ever dreamed of having a wedding that rivals that of the royals across the pond, or throwing the biggest Texas block party the state has ever seen - you know, if that's more your speed - the perfect home may have just hit the market.

All across our area, and definitely all across the state of Texas, there are wedding venues that will simply take your breath away. But how would it feel to own one? The Chateau Cocomar, known for it's 'Gone With The Wind' entry gates, grand welcome, and local fireworks show, is now for SALE! You've got to know it's not going to come cheap, though.

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Check this place out; located at 14525 Champions Dr. in Houston, Chateau Cocomar is the largest home in the state on the market right now. Boasting 37,132 square feet of living space, complete with 7 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, this home really is like no other.

You'll see in a moment why the $11,000,000 price tag is what it is, but the European-style castle (because it really is one), gives its future owner more space than truly needed. Chateau Cocomar was used previously as a wedding venue in Houston showcasing beautiful marble floors, towering staircases for its three-story ballrooms, and majestic grounds. According to the home's listing, the home has been cleared to hold 1000 people - remember throwing that party we talked about earlier? - and the circular driveway out front, along with the 7 acres of land the home sits on, will make for the perfect valet service.

So let's take a peak inside the Chateau Cocomar and dream away together!

Check Out The Chateau Cocomar Home And Wedding Venue in Houston, TX

A dream wedding venue and home has hit the market! Chateau Cocomar is one-of-a-kind and boasts an $11,000,000 price tag!

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