It's been a hard story to miss this past week.  The superstar singer & her management team accused an ex-radio DJ of touching her inappropriately during a pre-concert backstage photo encounter in 2013.  Within days of the incident, the morning host was terminated by his Country music station.  Subsequently, the unemployed dj filed suit against Taylor Swift, her mother Andrea, & their promotion rep, for what he said was a false accusation, & the on-going negative impact its had on his broadcasting career.

As the trial was wrapping up its first full week, the judge made a call to throw out the dj's case against Taylor, citing the former radio host's inability to provide direct evidence that Swift took steps personally to have him fired from his job.  However, the judge also ruled the plaintiff's case against Andrea Swift & the promotion rep WILL go to the jury.  KLTV's report has more details.

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