Back in 2003, Texas passed the Move Over / Slow Down law. It requires drivers to, if possible, move to the vacant lane opposite of emergency vehicles that are stopped with their lights on. Those vehicles include police, fire and medical personal.

If you are not able to move over, then you must slow to 20 miles below the posted speed limit while passing the stopped vehicle.

However, in 2012, this vehicle was included in the law. I mention this because I did not know this was part of the law and maybe you didn't either.

If a tow truck is stopped, with it's lights flashing, then you must do the same as if it were police, fire or medical personnel.

If you are caught not abiding by the law, you can be issued a fine of up to $200. If you cause property damage when not following the law, your fine could be up to $500. And if you hurt someone not following the law, it is a Class B misdemeanor.

This all came about when tow truck driver, 39-year-old Scott Bowles of Killeen, was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 14 in Harker Heights when he was picking up a vehicle on the side of the highway. He died while being taken to the hospital according to the Temple Daily Telegram.

Also remember to be on the watch for motorcyclists now that the weather is warmer and don't text and drive. Be safe on the highways friends.

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