Everything is bigger in Texas, yes even the closets!

Built by Teresa Roemer, a Houston Socialite, this closet that is larger than my home, 3,000 square feet. Wanna go inside? Check out the video above.

You'll not only see inside the closet, but her home which is extraordinary and luxurious. What closet is complete without a champagne bar?!? OMG, yes, and she has a floating staircase within it as well. I mean this closet is seriously over the top amazing.

What does it contain? What else? High end luxury clothing, accessories and jewelry. She doesn't even know how many Birkin bags she owns, gasp!  You know the bags that are at least $10,000 each... right. You know what's even cooler?

She cleans out this fabulous closet every three months, donating clothes to be sold, with the funds all going to the charity of her choice. Philanthropy is at the heart of this closet.

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