The 19th Amendment allows women the right to vote.

Tuesday marked the 100th anniversary of Congress' decision to pass the amendment. Slowly over the next year, 36 states would ratify the amendment as required by law.

Celebrations were held in Tyler Tuesday to mark the occasion. Texas the first southern state to ratify the amendment just 24 days later. Suffragettes lobbied for decades for the right to have their opinions counted in the ballot box.

Looking back in history, you'll find some odd logic once touted to prevent women from casting their votes.

“It was interesting looking back at some of the ideas that people had at the time, that it would make women less fertile, and that it would take away men power,” Smith County Democratic Party member Lauren Perry told KLTV.

Personally, I'm grateful for the women who marched over 100 years ago, and spoke their minds to allow us the modern freedoms we experience today.

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