"My Body, My Choice" apparently doesn't apply to Women in Texas. Yeah I said it. Just so we're clear, I want you to be consistent in your argument that passing ANY law telling somebody what they can or can not do with their bodies is wrong.

Over 600 laws went into effect on September 1 in Texas but clearly the most controversial of these was the "Texas Heartbeat Law" which many consider to be the toughest anti-abortion law in the country.

Much to the silence of those who used the "my body, my choice" argument against any attempt at mandated vaccination, the outcry has been loud and clear from those who point out the hypocrisy.

Despite the outcry someone has created a website that essentially "snitches" on women who may seek to have an abortion but it appears to many to be "politically" motivated as opposed to have been created by any official state agency. The site was created by Texas Right To Life, an anti-abortion group.

According to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, the website, called profilewhistleblower.com, popped up on the radar of Twitter users just after the bill was upheld by The U.S. Supreme Court. It has two buttons: one to join the team and the other to send an anonymous tip.

If you are sending a tip, the site asks users questions about their involvement in the pro-life movement and how they want to help enforce the law. The site also asks if there is an abortion provider in your city. Once the user fills out information about potential violations, a team member from the site will contact you about the claim. The site also has a full description of the “Texas Heartbeat Act” as it was written by lawmakers.

Many on social media are fighting back against the site by posting fake information in attempts to crash it. But now the website's host GoDaddy, has taken down the site informing Texas Right To Life that it violates its terms of service which includes an agreement not to collect personally identifiable information about a person without their consent.

Texas Right To Life says they plan to find another provider soon.

While this fight will likely continue in courts and lawsuits for years to come, it remains the law in Texas for now. I just wish folks would be logically consistent in their arguments. If you say "My Body, My Choice" make sure you keep that same energy for everyone, not just YOU.


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