There was a time in the late 80's or early 90's (please correct me if I'm wrong on the timing) that rumors were circulating around Lindale that Disney was coming to town. The talk was that a park would be built somewhere along Interstate 20, possibly where Target distribution center is now. That's why its been such a long shot to believe the rumors of Buc-ee's or Costco or even a Super Target coming to Lindale lately. With the recent dispute between the state of Florida and Disney, one Texas county judge has made an official invite to the company to bring their theme park to Texas.

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I had to dig deep into this whole Florida versus Disney thing. I knew of the nicknamed "Don't Say Gay" bill that passed in Florida and Disney being objected to it. What I didn't know is how Disney is basically its own, for lack of a better term, country. Its a deal that been between the company and the state since 1967.

From my understanding, Disney provides services for what's known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. This area is about 43 square miles and covers the counties of Orange and Osceola. In that area, Disney manages municipal services like water, power, roads, police and fire protection without a lot of legal objections or residents in the area having to pay taxes for those services.

I had no idea Disney had this type of deal.

Apparently, Florida is retaliating against Disney for disagreeing with the "Don't Say Gay" bill and is taking away its sovereignty. Its not 100 percent clear how it will affect the the citizens in that area but what it would mean is that the counties would assume responsibility for those services and citizens taxes would probably go up.

Yeah, its a whole thing.

Because of this dispute, KP George, the county judge for Fort Bend County outside of Houston, has sent a formal letter to Disney inviting them to move their park from Florida to his county.


It could work as there is plenty of area in Fort Bend County for a park the size of Walt Disney World.

ABC 13 Houston via YouTube
ABC 13 Houston via YouTube
ABC 13 Houston via YouTube
ABC 13 Houston via YouTube

County judge KP George is very open about wanting businesses to come to his county as seen in his various tweets.

Disney has not formally responded to either the revocation of their sovereignty or the official invite from Fort Bend County. Disney is a popular entertainment company for a majority of Texans and a popular vacation destination, too. It would be huge if Disney accepts this invite and does make the move but the likely hood of that happening is slim to none so don't hold your breath. We'll just have to see how this dispute works itself out.

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