In August of 2012, a case of a 16-year-old girl reporting that she was raped came about. Two Steubenville, Ohio football players are in custody for the rape of this young girl. The image of what this girl went through is horrible enough, but now there has been a video of the young men joking about the situation. Beware, the content of this video is quite disturbing. 

Though the identity of the young woman that was allegedly raped will not be released because of her age, the two boys being held for the crime are Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond. These sixteen year old boys supposedly assaulted the young lady on the night of August 11th and within the early morning hours of the 12th.

There were tweets on Twitter that were posted on the night of the alleged attack. For example, one stated, "Song of the night is definitely Rape Me by Nirvana." But, the tweets are not all that has been found on the internet about the crime.

A disturbing video of young men joking abut the rape has been released. Please, understand that some of this will be quite uncomfortable.

Rape is a terrible nightmare to live through. The tragedy of this girl's experience is massive. She was allegedly drugged, carried through numerous "end of summer" parties, and then raped multiple times. For her to have to, after the fact, watch a video were this disgusting and unsettling assault is talked about with such a light heart can only be a continuation of her torture.

Her justice may come in court. The trial is set for February 13th. Hopefully, this video and the other internet published evidence can ensure that her attackers pay for their actions. This video being leaked by the hacking group Anonymous is being a great help to the investigation of this case.

The video does not show the crime itself and the boy being interviewed on camera is apparently not one of the rapists. Micheal Pearson continued by saying, "[a]nonymous and others in the video identified the teen by a name that doesn’t match the two who were charged, but CNN cannot independently confirm his identity." The video is still a great help to the case. It is stated bluntly in the video,“Is it really rape because you don’t know if she wanted to or not."

This case will now not be kept so quiet. With the whole world watching on YouTube and the news stations, this poor girl might see this horror come to an end.

Here is another video with a little more insight on the situation.

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