First things first - this happened in Ohio. But the incredible video that accompanies it is still worth the watch.

Police in Highland County, Ohio are searching for a 34-year-old man who made a run for it as he entered a court room on Tuesday (September 22).

Credit: Highland Co.
Credit: Highland Co.

Police say Nickolaus Garrison was in the Highland County Common Pleas Court for sentencing on a felony meth possession charge. For his actions, he faced up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $2500.

What he decided to do next to get out of this...probably made things a lot worse.

WKRC posted the footage to Facebook:

As Garrison is escorted into the Highland County courtroom, he makes a run for it. Officers respond immediately, and eventually make it out into a nearby hallway. At this point, Garrison isn't far ahead of them.

The craziest part of the video is the officer who leaps over the staircase railing in an attempt to grab Garrison. Somehow, Garrison still gets away.

According to WKRC, the officer that attempted to tackle Garrison on the stairway was left with multiple broken ribs and a possible concussion.

As of today, Thursday September 24, Garrison is still on the run.

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