One of the most un-fun things to do as an adult is getting your car registered every year. You have to take the time to stop by a shop to get the vehicle's safety systems inspected then go stand in line to give the state your $75, or whatever, to put that new sticker on your windshield. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) understands this and has begun the process of finding a new, more convenient system to get this taken care of.

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Recently, Texas DMV board chair, Charles Bacarisse, spoke to the Tax Accessors Collectors Association about the outdated system currently in place to register your vehicle each year or obtaining a title for your vehicle.

The core of what we do, vehicle titles and registration, is run by a legacy computer system that is over 30 years old and it’s time to replace it.

As far as what could actually replace that old system is a process that has already begun. Executive director of the Texas DMV, Daniel Avitia, is hoping that a web based system can be established to provide better service to citizens.

One such improvement that is already in place is digital license plates. As of this writing, these are only available for fleet or commercial vehicles. Its just like it sounds, too. The rear license plate for this type of vehicle can be equipment with a digital display of their license plate. The digital plate also offers the convenience of being able to register multiple vehicles at once and eliminates having to get a sticker to place on the windshield.

These digital plates also offer GPS tracking, alerts if the vehicle is speeding, the ability to log the vehicles trip and even tracking if the vehicle is stolen. These are from a company called Reviver who just recently got approval to be used in Texas. ArizonaCalifornia, and Michigan already allow the use of these digital license plates.

Let's hope this is a technology that can used on our personal vehicles in the future.

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