It has probably been a debate since the beginning of mankind.

We look to the skies and see birds flying, leaves being carried by the wind, and of course the UFO. Well, first of all, let’s identify a UFO for a moment. It does not mean alien spacecraft, it simply means what it stands for, an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. Could be a flying squirrel for all we know. With that being said, some UFOs are thought to be extraterrestrial.

Do you believe that aliens built the pyramids of Giza? Helped build the Great Wall of China? Maybe they planted the seeds of mankind? No matter what you believe, this is some interesting footage shot from the space shuttle Discovery in 1991.

Decide for yourself, are these some alien astronauts, or just space junk flying around Earth?

I am not ashamed to say it, I do not for one minute think we are alone in this never-ending universe!