As soon as I get home from work, I have to watch my mouth, not so much regarding swearing but if my dogs hear the word “go” they will immediately go toward the door and expect to jump in the truck. Spending time with my dogs is one of my favorite things in the world, I love to make Cooper and Gypsy happy. So, visiting a dog park is a common occurrence for us. But recently I searched for dog parks online and found there is a dog park close to my home that I had no idea about. 

After learning about this dog park, I had to make sure to share the information that way everyone knows about the dog parks in the area. We have some really great facilities that are perfect for our furry family members but at times some of the dog parks can get busy, so it’s nice to know about all of the different options that are available for us. Big thanks to Bring Fido for letting me know about other dog parks in our area.  

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Four Dog Parks in the Tyler, TX Area 

It seems like Bossart Dog Park and Faulkner Park are the two most popular dog parks in the Tyler area but that is probably because I didn’t know about Sunrise Paw Park. I’m certain my dogs Cooper and Gypsy will be excited to visit this place. Lastly on the list below you will see Lucky Dog Park but that facility is run by the Tyler Obedience Training Club and is available for rent or special events. 

Visit ALL OF THE DOG PARKS in Tyler, Texas 

East Texas is a pet friendly place, so make sure you visit all of the dog parks in the area. Here is a little more information on the 4 dog parks in the Tyler, Texas area. 

4 Dog Parks in Tyler, Texas

Here are the 4 dog park options in Tyler, Texas

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