It's been all over the headlines as of late: People are moving in DROVES to Texas. And that includes Longview, Lindale, Kilgore, and other ETX cities--including Tyler, Texas.

While East Texas natives seem to have mixed feelings about our growing population, there's no denying it is happening. We're already seeing evidence of it in the fact that builders can't seem to get housing up fast enough. We're seeing it with the expansion of our roads. We're seeing it as our governments see fit to build larger schools that can handle the growing population still to come and so on.

A woman shared on a social media page that she and her family were moving to the Tyler, Texas area and was looking for some insight from locals on what they like most about living here.

What is it that people in Tyler, Texas seem to love the most about living here?

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There was quite a variety of responses. Some commented on the people, generally. Others on the recent developments in the downtown area and outdoor options for getting out into nature. Others like the small-town feel and the love of history that's reflected so beautifully in our museums and older architecture, some of which is lovingly preserved.

While some people shared what they DISLIKED the most about living in Tyler, Texas, the vast majority of comments were overwhelmingly positive. I have a feeling the woman who posted the inquiry is feeling pretty good about her family's upcoming move to the Tyler area.

But more specifically, what were the top TEN things Tyler, Texas people said were their favorite things about living here? Let's take a quick look:

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