Finally, the new stoplight the City of Tyler, Texas has wisely put into place at Grande and Old Noonday Road goes 'live' on March 18.

In my humble opinion, this will quite possibly save lives.

A flashing traffic sign near the new stoplight confirmed the date.

Once upon a time, this intersection was fairly easy to navigate using one's attention and safe driving. However, as traffic has increased in this area of South Tyler, making a turn from any of the four directions has become precarious. I know several people who have taken alternate routes as a result--including my Mom who unfortunately was in an accident there. Thankfully, all parties involved were okay.

But it had become a dangerous intersection.

Back in October of 2021, we reported the discussion around the apparent growing danger at this intersection, and then in July of 2022, we shared a story announcing that the City of Tyler was installing a stoplight at that location, and now it has been constructed and one week from today will become active.

How do you feel about the new stoplight at Grande and Old Noonday Road in Tyler, Texas?

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I've heard some people say they'd prefer there not be a traffic signal there. Understandable given that many of us remember when Old Noonday Road was more of a pleasant backroad through the lovely East Texas countryside. However, progress brings many positives, but the increased traffic on Old Noonday Road and even more so on Grande Blvd makes this the right decision in my eyes.

Your thoughts? If you'd like to share your insights, please reach out to us at

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