It was less than one week ago that we told you about the hard working 7-year-old Ethan out of Lindale who was working to create a BMX track a little bit closer to his house. This kid loves to ride his bike, and so does his little brother, but they like to ride everyday and the closest track to their house was too far away to ride each day. But after working hard and the very generous people caught wind about the project, the generosity of East Texas was quickly on display.

The most impressive part to this whole story to me was the fact that Ethan wanted something and didn't beg his parents to make it happen, he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to sell lemonade and chocolate bars until he created the $225 needed.  In just one week he has now captured that money and his mom is already reaching out to companies to get the dirt dropped off for this BMX track.

So Many People Stopped By This Past Weekend to Help 7-Year-Old Ethan With His Fundraiser for the BMX Track

Ethan said that he would be opening up his lemonade and chocolate bar stand to sell items each week until he got the money needed. But it only took one week as there were some very generous donors who stopped by including one person who tipped Ethan $100 toward his goal.

Thank You to Everyone Who Stopped By to Help Ethan With His Lindale BMX Track Project

Ethan's mom, Marissa, wanted to make sure that she told everyone THANK YOU who stopped by over the weekend. You helped make a little boy's dream come true, and his little brother is going to love it too. Ethan learned a valuable lesson that you need to work hard to get the money needed for a project like this, but also found out how generous the East Texas community can be.

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