Get ready Texas, DQ has announced a new dipped cone flavor for spring 2024 that sounds AMAZINGLY delicious.

I can't wait to stop by one of our DQ locations in Tyler, Texas to try this new offering. Happily, it is already available as of February 26.

I stop by the Dairy Queen near my house so often, they probably know me by name--or at least by my voice. It's a go-to stop on the way home, so I'm practically a regular. Honestly, the DQ Hungerbuster is one of my favorites, even compared to some other iconic Texas burger options.

I also just find their food comforting. No matter what kind of day I've had, it seems one of their Steak Finger Baskets always seems to have a calming effect on me. Those tacos they offer? Perfect for Taco Tuesday...or Wednesday or Thursday, etc.

But no matter what else I order, I almost always want to order one of their signature dipped cones at the Dairy Queen location in Gresham Village near Tyler, Texas.

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Overall, their dipped cones are probably my favorite thing on the menu. I love Blizzards, too, but the dipped cone just tastes like my childhood. Maybe you can relate.

And so, when I heard what the new spring flavor of dipped cone is this year, I flipped out.

Confetti Cake!!

Speaking of childhood, I can't even begin to tell you how many of those Funfetti cakes I made growing up in Texas.

And to hear that DQ is taking two of my favorite things of all time and serving them up all throughout spring, I was practically giddy.

Here's the TikTok video DQ posted so you can get a closer look:

@dqshelbytwpmi New Confetti Cake dipped cone! 🎉🍦🎊#dq#dairyqueen#confetticake#dippedcone♬ Need you - EBEN
Gotta go. Pressing business to attend to at the closest DQ. 
Have you tried it yet?

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