I love going to the movies. That's been one of the things I've missed the most during this pandemic. One way to still be able to enjoy a movie with the family and friends, while still being able to social distance, should make a comeback, the drive in theater.

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Granted, I am not old enough to remember when drive in theaters were a thing. It's a simple concept, you pull in, chill in your car, order some snacks and watch a movie. Your friends can come while still staying a safe distance from you and the other movie goers. Plus, you're getting out of the house. It's a win win for everyone.

The only setback I see with this is that drive in theaters just don't exist anymore. There are a few exceptions but they're few and far between. Most would have to built from the ground up which would be a huge cost. There was the drive in theater between Tyler and Lindale. It would be nice to see someone pick that back up. It could be a new East Texas craze, and a nice boost to our economy.

Wishful thinking, yes, but a neat idea, though. Someone should get a group together and help bring this to East Texas. I'd be all for it.

What say you? Would you like to see drive in theaters make a comeback?

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