The Commissioner's Trophy - a symbol that marks a peak for any Major League Baseball team, most recently the Houston Astro's - took a spill at a fundraiser in Houston, according to the Chron, and looked a little dinged up afterward.

In the Chron story written by Wei-Huan Chen, the author humorously catalogs his awkward experience at "One Great Night in November", a very high-powered, mens-only fundraiser. Hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts, he reports that the table holding the 2017 Commissioner's Trophy collapsed, causing the symbol of victory to take a small tumble before someone caught it.

Chen made a comment about all of sudden, "men in tuxes were giggling about how 'we'll just have to win another one'." All the while men with earpieces closed in and made sure the trophy was still intact.

It wasn't bad, according to Chen, but people could see that some of the flags were bent out of shape. Reportedly, a member from the staff said the trophy was already sent to restoration.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston made a statement via Click2Houston:

The trophy was set on a table, and guests were invited to be photographed with it. Later in the evening, the table shifted and the trophy started to slide as a photograph was being taken. A guest grabbed it quickly, and several of the flagpoles on the trophy were bent as a result.

So, while it was dropped, it was also caught really quickly to limit the damage. MFAH also stated that the bent flagpoles were straightened and 'fully restored to its original appearance'.

So don't worry. We think it's going to be OK. I'll leave you with what Chen closed with to entice you to read the rest of his article about mens-only charity events and what he learned.

I excused myself from the cigar tent around 10:40 p.m. to move back inside for a sip of water. The choice was between Fiji and Evian. "It's room temperature, is that OK?" the server asked me. I said yes, then walked outside to fetch my used 2010 Honda Accord from valet.

Check out the rest of his story at the Chron.

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