Remember when shopping for gifts at the drugstore was only for "last minute" gifts? Those days are over, my friend. A quick visit to your neighborhood drugstore can get your loved one some really great gifts.

  • bobolink, Flickr
    bobolink, Flickr

    Digital Cameras

    Want to introduce him to the wonders of digital photography, without breaking your budget? Check out the selection of digital camera models between $10 (no kidding) to $100, including brand names like Vivitar and Kodak.

  • William Cook, Flickr
    William Cook, Flickr

    Universal Remote

    Show your couch potato some love with a universal remote that allows them to run the TV, BluRay, DVD and cable with one hand, leaving the other hand free to reach for the chips. A selection of RCA universal remotes is available for $9.99 to $16.99.

  • Currents, Flickr
    Currents, Flickr

    Desktop Speakers

    Even the most boring tasks are better with music. Treat your loved one to a set of desktop speakers that run on A/C or battery power. From Sony for $12.99 to $20.99.

  • halowen, Flickr
    halowen, Flickr

    Portable USB Charger

    Give your traveling man the gift of extra talk time with a portable charger for his mobile phone. Depending on the device you choose, he’ll have up to 60 hours of extra power, and he can recharge the charger via USB connection to his computer. From Duracell for $9.99 to $22.99

  • ellentagert, Flickr
    ellentagert, Flickr

    12-Volt Air Compressor

    Help them keep their bike and auto tires, football and basketball, and anything else that needs air in tip-top shape with this compact, portable air compressor that plugs into any 12V receptacle. When they can top off their tires at home instead of making a trip to the gas station, they'll thank you. $15.99

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