Beard trimmers, a book about meat, and a membership to the Dollar Shave Club?  See what other things dads want for Father's Day, and let us know if you agree with one top choice.

Every year I ask my dad what he wants for Father's Day and he says one of two things:  "Nothing," or "Well, I'm almost out of my favorite barbecue dry rub."  So I get away with a gift that costs $8.95 and he's totally happy. I feel bad spending less than the cost of a pizza, so I usually throw in a polo and some Nebraska Cornhusker gear and then I've gone above and beyond in his eyes. (Even if it's the same category of gift year after year.)  I love my dad.

Other dads are a little more high maintenance, requesting bigger deals like fancy bear trimming kits, watches, GPS systems, and memberships to the Dollar Shave Club, according to Ask Men. Those are good gift ideas too.

That book about meat is called "MEAT," and it's by a butcher named Pat LaFrieda who covers everything from chicken to beef to lamb. That does sound like a guy thing.

CNBC says spending is way up this time of year on movie tickets, and they conclude that dinner and a movie is at the top of the list for dads.Dinner and a movie instead of new golf clubs? Really? Apparently dads just want to sit and relax, and probably at something other than a chick flick.

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19th. If you have a dad that lives out-of-state like I do, get that barbecue dry rub in the mail right now! Thanks dads, for all you do.

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