Just Like Their Post By The Texarkana, TX Police Department Says On Facebook: "Just when you think you've seen about everything, the universe sends you something completely new..."

We all know first responders run into bad situations daily and you also gotta remember that sometimes they run into the absolutely ABSURD as you're about to read in the story below.

According To A Post On Facebook, The Craziness Began On Wednesday June 7th.

Texarkana Police Officers Aaron Jones and Lauren Freeman were called to a local apartment complex about a woman who was trespassing in one of the apartments. After they met briefly with the manager, they went up to the apartment to tell the woman that she'd have to leave.

The Woman Decided To Try To Make A Run For It....But Didn't Get Far.

Texarkana, TX Police FB
Texarkana, TX Police FB

The 57-year-old woman decided to slip out a window at the back of the apartment which didn't go as planned. The window was on the second floor of the building, and she quickly found herself outside and hanging UPSIDE DOWN from the window by only her LEG.

Realizing that this is not going to end for her, she began screaming for help and officers were able to rush up to the second floor window and grab her by her leg before she hit the ground.

The Officers Held On To Her Until Firefighters Could Arrive.

Texarkana, TX Police FB
Texarkana, TX Police FB

(Quick Side Note: The Other Foot Dangling In The Photo Above Does Make Me Chuckle.)

Even with her struggling with them the whole time, they somehow managed to hang on to her for more than five minutes until the Texarkana Texas Fire Department could get there with a ladder to help get her down. Thankfully no one was injured.

As you can imagine those officers were quite tired but we salute them for saving this person's life and we will now wait impatiently for the bodycam footage to be released so we can laugh at the lady who I'm quite sure won't be hopping through anymore windows anytime soon.

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