Academy Award winner and Terrell, Texas native Jamie Foxx has been super busy as of late. He has a new sitcom that's coming soon to Netflix that's executive produced by his daughter called "Dad, Quit Embarrassing Me" and now he's getting ready to play a role he's always wanted to play.

Foxx is set to play legendary boxing champion Mike Tyson in a new biographical series titled "Tyson" which is being directed by "Training Day" director Antoine Fuqua and executive produced by Hollywood legend Martin Scorese according to Variety.

While the series doesn't have a network or streaming service it has committed to yet, Foxx has long said that he would love to play Tyson in a movie or TV show and even the former champ is all in on the project as Tyson and his wife are also executive producers on the series. And to show that he's truly committed, Foxx has spent the last year getting in physical shape to play the role.

Now to be clear, this won't be the first series you see about Tyson. Hulu announced plans to do an 8 episode limited series about the former champ but Tyson himself went public to show his disapproval of the Hulu series because he wasn't involved in it, going as far as to ask fans to boycott the streaming service.

Just remember, if you don't see Foxx in it, it probably ain't legit.

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