A couple weeks ago it looked like Jacksonville native Josh McCown was going to finally play for an NFL team in his home state.  Rumors were flying he would sign with the Cowboys to be Dak Prescott's backup, but that was when everybody thought Dallas was ready to officially cut ties with Tony Romo.

Since being drafted by Arizona in 2002, the former SMU & Sam Houston State star has been with 10 organizations in 15 years, including stints in Detroit, Oakland, Miami, Carolina, San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa Bay, most recently Cleveland, & now, New York.  That's a lot of relocating, but let's face it- playing what's considered the most critical position on a National Football League team offers enough lucrative incentives to keep bringing the moving companies back.  Case in point:  KLTV reports McCown's brand new one-year contract with the Jets is worth $6-million!  So those dollars, in combination with the possibility of being the starter, led Josh to head for the Big Apple, rather than wait for the Cowboys to officially come through with an offer to be 2nd-stringer.

McCown's a grizzled veteran now, so he has to know what he's walking into.  It's fair to say NFL QBs make the big money & feel the pressure to deliver, no matter what jersey they're wearing,  However, playing in New York takes "being in the media eye" to a whole different level.  As the largest market in the USA, the spotlight will be on Josh non-stop.  His highlights will be exhalted, & his lowlights vilified, 24/7.  That's why they call it "the city that never sleeps".  Good luck, Josh McCown- all of us fellow East Texan's are rootin' for ya...  except when you play against Dallas & Houston!

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