These stories make me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME - but they're even more heartwarming when they come straight from my high school in East Texas.

Army specialist Drew Dehoff, a Pine Tree High School (Longview) graduate, returned home this week after being stationed in Iraq for a year. After surprising his mom and dad, his next stop was back to his old high school to pull off the surprise of a lifetime for his younger brother, Braden.

In an interview with KLTV, Drew said that his younger brother, who has autism, had no idea that this specific lunch period was about to be a special one.

"I'm going to surprise my little brother today. He doesn't know that I'm here. I'm going to get him today. I walk him through the ways things need to get done, try to help direct him. He just needs a little bit more direction. and that’s what I try to provide for him,"

Braden held onto his older brother in tears after seeing him in the hallway between classes. It's clear that these two have a very special bond. Luckily for Braden, his brother will now be in the army reserves and stationed back home.

Surprising his brother wasn't the only trick Drew had up his sleeve. He also surprised one of his favorite teachers during class, with a folded up American flag that he had formerly carried in Iraq. CUE THE WATERWORKS.

Mr. Dehoff, thank you for your service and all you have done for our country.

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