The prayers and/or rain dances have worked with some much needed sky water falling on East Texas. It has been a while since we've seen this amount of rain which has lead to a pretty big drought in the area. The problem with not getting rain in a while is some unexpected damage that comes along with it. Such has been the case in Winona, Texas today as a small tornado caused some damage in town.

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Tornado in Winona

It was a little bit before 11 this morning (August 22) that a tornado warning had to be issued for the Winona and Hawkins areas of East Texas. KLTV 7 reported that authorities in Winona had visual conformation of a small tornado briefly on the ground. That small tornado did do some damage around the football field and did some damage to some homes, too.

Other Storm Damage in East Texas

West of Winona in Canton, there was no tornado damage, which Canton is all to familiar with, but there was some flood damage. A Tyler man driving by First Monday Trade Days got video of the area under water. The water didn't look deep but was high enough to get into the buildings. Get all the details on the story HERE.

There's a tree in my house right there.

You can hear that from a Winona resident who shared video to KLTV 7 of the storm damage inside her house.

Taking a Look at our Weather Forecast

The rain chances will continue today (August 22) but will diminish as we get further into the week. The rain has brought a relief in our temperatures, too, but as the rain chances decrease, the temperatures will increase this week but aren't expected to be extremely hot.

Thank you for the prayers for rain and keep those in East Texas who've suffered some damage from these storms in your prayers, too.

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