Buc-ee's is making it's mark across areas outside of Texas. There are now massive locations in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and the soon to be largest Buc-ee's in the world in Tennessee, with others most likely in consideration as we speak. One location we have just learned about will take the Texas road trip stop staple outside of the southern United States into one of the four corner states.

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Many of us in Texas, and even East Texas, like to take a winter trip to Colorado. It's a nice adventure in the snow on the Rocky Mountains. It's nice because it's something we don't get to experience in Texas. It's not exactly commonplace for us to strap on a pair of skies and maneuver down the slopes. We can skateboard in Texas but snowboarding could be a foreign concept for most of us. There's plenty more to enjoy when visiting the Centennial State.

Well very soon, Colorado will have a bit of familiarity to us Texans in Buc-ee's. Yes, Buc-ee's will be adding a location in the city of Johnston, Colorado. Johnston is about 40 miles, give or take, north of Denver and has a population of 10,000, give or take.

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Google Maps

It's still going to be a bit for the folks of Johnston to be able to pick up a bag of Beaver Nuggets or enjoy the immaculate bathrooms. This new Buc-ee's is not expected to open until 2024. No word, either, on the size of this particular store.

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