It’s pretty easy to tell that here in the great state of Texas it’s not summertime anymore. We can all agree that it’s nice to not deal with that level of heat and humidity. But as temperatures drop from the summer months we’re all looking for more comfort food, something that will warm us up like chili and hearty soups. Tortilla soup is very popular in East Texas but it seems like no one can agree on the best place to visit when you’re craving tortilla soup.  

The reason I bring this up is because I was recently on the Tyler, Texas Rants, Raves and Recommendations V2.0 and saw people discussing the best tortilla soup. Whenever you see a topic like this pop up you know that a few people are going to say they make the best at their own house. But when it comes to restaurants there were over 20 restaurants that got mentioned for having delicious tortilla soup. 

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Restaurants Serving Tortilla Soup That You Wouldn’t Expect 

When I was looking through all the business names for the best tortilla soup I was shocked at some of the names that were mentioned. What caught me off guard is that I didn’t even know tortilla soup was on the menu at a few of these restaurants. I’ll have to do a better job of looking at the menu moving forward. 

Recommendations for the Best Tortilla Soup in East Texas 

While this conversation started on a Tyler, Texas Facebook group there are restaurants outside Tyler that were mentioned, and we didn’t want to leave them off this list. So, let’s look at the restaurants that got great reviews on their tortilla soup.  

List of Restaurants With Terrific Tortilla Soup in East Texas

If you're craving some delicious Tortilla Soup here is a list of restaurants that will help satisfy your craving.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Here is Where to Find Impressive Soup in Tyler

If you're looking for fantastic soup options in Tyler here is where you should go:

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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