Painting a picture for ya - It's a clear and cool September Saturday night in Longview. You and your friend are enjoying a nice drive in a convertible. All of sudden, you feel something wet, then another something wet, then another. What the hell is going on here?! You pull over and find you've been hit with eggs. This scenario played out Saturday night in Longview.

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Chere De-Ann Hall and her friend were enjoying a ride Saturday evening on Judson Road in Longview. That's when Chere felt "egg shell in my eye" and had "egg slime ALL INSIDE/ALL OVER THE CAR." Luckily, they weren't so startled by what happened to be involved in an accident, which could have easily happened to anyone experiencing the shock of something like this. She described the whole ordeal on the All Things Longview Facebook page.

Has anyone else ever been pegged in the face by eggs while enjoying a drive in a convertible driving down Judson Rd on a Saturday evening in Longview??! After the shock of trying to figure out what just hit me in the mouth and coming to the conclusion that it was egg shell in my eye and egg slime ALL INSIDE/All OVER THE CAR, even inside my purse we had a good hysteria induced laugh & are ok but People are A-Holes y’all. On another note God answered a prayer this morning and I am super thankful!

She included a picture of the egg she felt land on her face.

Chere' De-Ann Hall via All Things Longview on Facebook
Chere' De-Ann Hall via All Things Longview on Facebook

I reached out to Chere to get more on her thoughts on what happened. She said that the situation is "funny, not funny." She is enjoying the interaction in the comments below her All Things Longview post.

Chere also told me they did not see anyone or haven't heard any other stories of something like this happening. A couple of commenters did describe similar incidents in other parts of Longview.

The car is a different story, however. Chere told me there is still egg in just about every nook and cranny of the convertible. All in all, we're glad this did not cause an accident and Chere and her friend can laugh about the whole incident now.

As an aside, the conversation turned to Chere's business. We have no qualms giving a shout out to our East Texas small businesses. Chere runs The Perfect Peach in Longview. Stop by The Perfect Peach Facebook page for more details.

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