Don't mind us.

I remember there was a classic bit on 'Seinfeld' where Jerry's Uncle Leo (HELLO) was busted stealing a book by Jerry. He told him that senior citizens steal all the time. If they get busted, they just act confused. Would someone actually do that in real life? Well...welcome to Wichita Falls, Texas. Where anything is possible.

Monday night, Wichita Falls police were called out to the Walmart off of Central Freeway about a possible theft. Employees said they followed these two around the store since they knew they had ALLEGEDLY stolen before from the store. What the couple did was go to a self checkout.

They ALLEGEDLY pretended to scan the items, without really scanning them, then placing them in a bag. Once the suspects had everything bagged up, they were stopped by Walmart security. The couple had around $90 worth of items they were trying to get away with.

A little bit of everything. Food, clothing, kitchen utensils and cat food. Hey, got to make sure the kitty gets fed. When police arrived, the couple told them they thought they paid for everything. Sounding a lot like Uncle Leo from above?

A criminal history check found neither had previous convictions. Police wrote them tickets for theft under $100 and let them go. The man was 78-years-old and the woman was 69-years-old.

Hopefully these two don't start a crime spree around town. We had the Wet Bandits in Home Alone, how about we call these two the Seasoned Bandits. Remember, don't steal!

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