There's a tendency in our society to try so very hard to "fit in." To be one of the "normal people." It's wired into our human nature on some level. After all, we are social creatures. I mean, it seems practically automatic when we are children and then adolescents, to panic if we feel we aren't finding our "tribes."

As we grow into adulthood, we start to notice this so called "right track" we need to take in order to follow along, jump through the right hoops, and find the right partner and the right job. Right?

What's fascinating to me is that as we get a bit older, some of us start to look around and think "why am I trying so hard to be something or someone I'm not?" We start to get a sense of the time passing and the days we find we are wasting not being truly "ourselves." Now, I'm not going woo-woo on you here. I think that in some ways, there's been such a focus on "finding ourselves," whatever that means, that it becomes an unhealthy obsession and we struggle with making a decision and getting on with life. I'm not advocating that at all.

At the same time, there are some natural variances in all of us as individuals. Usually, you can look back to your childhood or ask those who've known you most of your life if you'd like insight on your personality traits that are true signatures of "you." These may be the very things that set you apart and finally indicates the way for you to learn to find your own voice--which we need.

You may have noticed, by the way, that many of the people who shine and stand-out in our society, especially now, are very often the people who've come to embrace their own "weirdness," and even vulnerabilities. Very often, the things that make us different or "weird" are the very things that can help us stand out. So long as we remain kind to each other, fly your flag my friend. We need the things that make you, you.

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