I wish I had this much color and visual wonders to look forward to during my school years.

Kids returning to Eagle Ridge Elementary School in the Keller Independent School District will be surrounded by a whole new experience this year as every classroom has undergone a transformation designed to foster learning.

Each room has turned in to different themes that include over-sized decorations and bold, beautiful colors unique to each teacher's personality. Even the library has huge, wonderfully eye-catching books at the entrance.

NBC 5 reports that these rooms were funded using grants, out-of-pocket money from each teacher as well as PTA donations.

To top it off, the staff posted the above video to unveil their hard work, just in time for back to school.

Eagle Ridge Elementary School Principal Stacy Blevins is proud of what her staff accomplished, saying "They helped each other decorate. I think not only has it transformed our building, it's transformed our staff."

I agree. The level everyone at this elementary school went to encourage the next generation of kids melts my heart. I can tell they are there for the students.

Cheers to a great school year!

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