A new laser combat experience awaits you in Whitehouse,Texas.

Do you love laser tag but hate how dinky those 'guns' feel? What about paintball? Growing up I was an airsoft fanatic. I had a gas-powered MP5, a spring-loaded sidearm and a SWAT vest to boot. Every few months, my parents would get a call from local authorities because my friends and I would seek out abandoned homes, construction sites or a field in the woods and play capture the flag with our realistic-looking airsoft arsenal.

A new business that opened earlier in February caught my attention recently - ZED Crossfire Texas. It's a simulated real-life laser combat outdoor facility with an open field course. And my favorite part, this place features M4 Assault Riffles with simulated Co2 recoil. No little laser 'pew pew' here!

It looks like people in East Texans are already having a blast at ZED Crossfire Texas and if you and your squad want to take part, reserve your session here. They are located at 14303 HWY 110, Whitehouse, Texas.

  • Most realistic laser tag in the world
  • Used by Military for training purposes
  • M4 Converted into laser gun
  • Co2 cartridge simulates recoil
  • Online profile - compete internationally

We're giving away 10 passes (enough for two squads) to one lucky winner on Monday, March 6. All you have to do is put in your information so we can contact you!

Note: You must be able to pick up the passes in our Tyler office. 

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